Zorvo The Most National Magic SHOWLISS PRO Blu-ray Thermal Hair Removal Device (White) Valentine’s day gift

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Features: 1. The advanced science and technology, a leading international hot-wire painless hair removal technology, international patent. 2. Safe and painless, comfortable scientific moderate way of hair removal 3. Permanent hair removal, the effect significantly restrain the hair regeneration, the stem dilatation of the hair follicle, hair harden. 4. The operation is convenient, humanized design 360 ° all-round remove excess body hair, easy to operate. 5. Strong driving force, to ensure life, large power, strong power to ensure sustained operation of the machine. 6. Red, blue and green three kinds of light warm prompt installation of the cutting tools, machine tools and charging. 7. The fashion appearance, optional Bai Semei red, portable design, fashionable small, for the love of beauty you fashion design.Warm prompt: 1. In the first charging, charging at least five hours, later use full can. Don’t need to charge for such a long time 2. When charging is completed, the battery has already full of icon will flash, until pull in addition to the wool implement the charger 3. Before starting to hair removal, remove heat hair removal device of the power supply. In addition to the wool implement does not work when plugged in.Specification: ?Product name: blue light heat hair removal instrument ?Full of electricity use time:small head for 85 minutes, big head for 45 minutes ?Screen display: LCD ?Voltage: 100-240V ?Weight: 0.5kg ?Color: white Package Include: 1 x Showliss pro device 1 x Cleaning brush 1 x Charger / Adapter 2 x Buffer pad ( Small and Big ) 2 x Narrow tip 4 x Wide tip 1 x USB Charger Connecting Cable 1 x User Manual


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