[TITECOUGO] Multi-Function Pliers, 24-in-1 Multi-Tool, Folding Mini, Outdoor Survival Knife, Convenient Pliers Set(Blue)

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Color:Blue Multifunctional Pliers Foldable Bicycle Tool Convenient Tool Socket Wrench Mini Pench Survival Knife Driver For Touring Camp With Surgical Knife Pliers Outdoor Disaster Prevention Trouble Equipped Etc Product Informationl Brand: TITECOUGOASIN: SLP-BIKY-03 Material: 420 Stainless steel + aluminum alloy Color: Red/Black/Blue Weight: 305g(107.6ounces) Size: Folding 105mm,expansion 165mm Number of Attachments: 12 Uses: It is a multifunction pliers with great success that you can rely heavily on preparing in advance,such as scissors,saws,drivers,disaster,barbecue,canned opening,climbing,fishing and etc. Features • Strong&Durable: Fullmetal body design with luxury feeling, body composed of special aluminum +tungsten +stainless steel is far more robust than ordinary pliers. By making a tool after heat treatment, it increases hardness and also specifies the sharpness of sharpness. • Improved Design: To adopt the design of built-in pulling, you can lower hand fatigue degree. It is easy to open a folding pliers. When grasping the hand, you can open the pliers mouth automatically, you can conveniently use with one hand. The shoulder belt is thick and it can be carried comfortably. • More Useful: There are 3 and 12 kinds of screw heads, and it is equipped with daily use (work site, furniture repair etc.), military application (bomb disposal, emergency treatment, firearm repair etc), outdoor use (tent stretching, hunting, fishing, horseback riding etc. ), And can respond to unexpected situations such as cut of seat belt, emergency situation and broken windows etc. Notes 1. Easy Care: The multi tool pliers is not easy to dust or stains, easy to take care of. 2. Packing List: 1 X Pliers.


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